Thanks for checking out my blog!  It’s been awesome to have this outlet to share new experiences and occasionally vent.

So a little about me.  I’m a Northern California native, and after some random life choices that led me to Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Idaho, I am back enjoying the Golden state.  I served a few years in the Air Force, which reinforced (due to lack of) my love (and need) for nature.  This lack of nature (Oklahoma is desperately flat) led me to focus my studies on Parks and Recreation (no, I haven’t seen the show).   I’m blessed to work for an amazing park district and I really love what I do — especially when my work days are in the parks!

However… my true love…my motivation…my driving force… is the work I get to do with those who have served.  I have the privilege to work with a non-profit organization that work with other NPs serving military folks and their families.  My first week working for a therapeutic recreation camp for veterans solidify my need to serve those who have served, reinforce recreation and nature’s benefits and genuinely believe in what you’re doing.

I have a deep love for God and Nature – and it’s no wonder I feel God’s Presence the most when I’m deep into a hike.  It’s awesome to live in a place with such diverse hiking opportunities!  Though I sometimes seek out a day-hike an hour or so away, I usually hike the hills in my surrounding area.

I travel as much as I can – be it near or far.  So far I’ve been to Italy, Switzerland, Paris, Ireland, London and Cabo – but my list is ever growing.  Since traveling out of country is costly… and I only get 2 weeks of vacation, I do day/weekend trips a few times a month.  When I say I need these trips… I really need them.  I’m not meant to live in a city or densely populated suburbia, but that’s where I am (for now) and make up for it with short, frequently adventures.

Anyhoo, that’s just a snippet of who I am and what I enjoy most in life.  I forgot to mention food, I love, LOVE food (and a good beer).

See ya!


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