My Happy Place

This pictures brings me so much joy!
I’m very blessed to live so close to so many amazing trails.  I truly find my peace in nature – and see God everywhere.  There are so many places I could explore – but this hike feels like home.
In the background – see that little black speck?  That’s my darling boy Lynard.  For only being 7 lbs, and having awkwardly long legs, he’s a hiking champ!
The tree is an Oak…what kind you say? No idea… but that does remind me that I want to work on being a tree expert 🙂 However, Oaks are my favorites.  Well one of my favorites.  They’re lovely, can live for hundreds of years, grow in the funkiest shapes and looks amazing in all seasons.  I’m planning on getting one tattooed on me – maybe to cover up my first, brightly colored tiger lily that has absolutely no sentimental value.  We’ll see…
So as I said in a prior post – California in having a terrible drought.  I took this picture after the few days of rain we had – and it’s insane how quickly things sprouted.  The hills are lush, and against the dark, thick clouds – it’s truly paradise.
I dunno where you find your peace friends, but whatever you do, find it.
God is good friends, God is good.

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