National Puppy Day

Happy National Puppy Day!

Having a dog is one of the greatest joys.  For me, it was my first experience receiving unconditional love.  Lynard (my sweet, severely anxious, min pin) was truly a God send.  The love we feel from dogs is pure, sweet, and comforting.  I thank the sweet Lord everyday for my little poochie poo.


On a sad note, it breaks my heart that not every dog receives the love they willingly offer to anyone who passes by.  Shelters are overflowing, dogs get abandoned, and people can be cruel.  During my brief stay in Colorado, I learned of fostering dogs.  If you’re not familiar – fostering means working with a rescue agency who pulls dogs from kill shelters and put them in temporary foster homes until they find their forever home.  Yes, it is desperately hard to let the dogs go, but it means they found their home, and it means more room for more rescues!

Here’s the poochies I have fostered so far…

IMG_9652 IMG_9197 IMG_0747 IMG_0762  IMG_0876IMG_0703  IMG_0626

I’d like to make a suggestion…though I know this will offend some folks, please know this is coming from the heart.  DON’T SHOP.  ADOPT.  Why pay heaps and heaps of $$ on a custom pup, likely over bread, when you can save a life!!!

dontshopadoptIf you’re considering getting a dog, please realize this is no small commitment.  You need to be willing to love, support and care for this pooch for upto 29 years or so (ok so 29 was the oldest dog in the world….but depending on the breed, dogs can live a long time)!

Foster agencies I have volunteered for:

East Bay Animal Rescue & Refuge –

MuttSavers Rescue, Broomfield, CO –

5 thoughts on “National Puppy Day

      • sncueto says:

        You didn’t touch on that caveat in your post! But yes yes of course I wouldn’t jump into anything I haven’t thoroughly researched and considered (have you met me??). I wouldn’t get a puppy- I want to rescue one that is at least 1 year old! And not sure I am ready to make the jump but I’ve always wanted one and I think it would be a lovely addition to my life. Maybe it’ll pass- like baby fever. 😊


      • lettinggochoosejoy says:

        I updated my post 😉 yea puppies are darling but it’s nice to have a dog that’s already somewhat familiar with being a grown up lol. They’re great. Perhaps we just open a dog farm so we can rescue all the dogs 🐶🐶

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