A day of Zen

As a veteran, programs and logistics coordinator for a nonprofit organization serving veterans, and community outreach coordinator for a park district, I was invited to attend a Veterans Wellness Day at Green Gulch Farms & Zen Center.

I listen to zen music when falling asleep, enjoy the occasional yoga session, and need those quiet moments to myself, but I don’t think I was quite prepared for this event.

This was an entire day of essentially just being. There was some group talk, lunch, exploration of the grounds and walking to the beach…but overall, not much.  Again, I’m happy to just be but 8 hours of mellowing out was a bit much for me.

Though doing a Zen day may not be for me, it was an incredibly healing experience for a lot of the repeat veterans.  It did however, enlighten me. I have repeatedly said I’d like to live out in the woods, with very few people, where its peaceful and quiet. Well, this spot was out in the middle of nowhere with not a lot of people, and extremely quiet. Turns out that’s not the life for me!

Here’s some snapshots of the Zen Center and the grounds.  Happy meditating!


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