10.2.14 I Will Remember You

Every morning, right when I get in my car and start my drive to work, I start my day with a prayer of thanksgiving.  I spend anywhere from a minute, to the whole 25 minute drive just being with God.  It’s become a habit, and I cherish my moments with God each day.
As I was driving to work today, I was thanking God for such a beautiful morning, for my new bible study group, for just another day.  In the middle of my prayer, as I am sitting in the turning lane on Bailey and Clayton Rd, stopped at the red turning light, two car rush through the intersection, just making the yellow light before it turns red.
It happened so fast, I’m still in shock.  I see him running, missing the first car, and then I heard the hit.  He flew up into the air, slammed on the ground, his body cut, torn and broken.
I remember the drivers face in front of me.  We were stopped.  He ran out of the car, but we made eye contact.  That oh God what did I just see feeling sunk in.  He ran to the man, I called the police.  It was just a few hours ago now, but I still can’t believe what I saw.
I parked right there, in the turning lane and mindfully ran across the road.  There he was.  This man I see almost every day on my morning drive.  He’s either riding a bike or walking somewhere, but he’s always up early.  And now he’s here, lifeless in front of me.  The 2 people who had just made the yellow light, one of them being the car that hit this man, stood back, dumbfounded.  There’s no pulse, no breath.  No life.  He was on his side, so they turned him on his back, his eyes were open.  The guy who was in front of me desperately started CPR.  Nothing.
I feel like I’m writing a story.  I just can’t believe this happened.  How, in a matter of seconds, did I go from joyful prayer, to sitting over a lifeless man, praying God please, please help him please God please help him.
Fire, Police and Ambulance arrive…at an uncomfortably leisurely pace.  A firefighter is the first there – and he literally walked over to the scene.  I wanted to scream DO SOMETHING NOW but I didn’t.  He finally started CPR, and you could see the man’s abdomen inflating, but still, nothing.  This went on for a while, they got him into the ambulance, and as they drove off, I could see the fireman still doing CPR.
Because I witnessed the scene, I had to stay to give my statement.  Honestly, how did this just happen?  HOW??  Even though I knew the answer, I asked every cop how will I know what happens to him??  It doesn’t look good they say. I sat there for a bit, and realized what a blur it was.  They were asking me questions about things I just saw, but somehow nothing was clear.
I don’t know anything about this man that lost his life today.  They said he might have been living in a halfway house down the street, and that he’s frequently seen running through traffic.  One cop even said “I hate to say it but it was almost bound to happen.”  I didn’t like that.  All I know is that in a moment, one tiny, minuscule moment, everything changed.  What if this man had a family, kids, parents, friends?  What if he didn’t?  What if there’s no one to remember him?  No one to miss him.  It’s all too sad to digest.  I will remember you.

2 October 2014, 6:35am.  RIP dear sir.

One thought on “10.2.14 I Will Remember You

  1. LovesALatte says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I won't go into the situation that I experienced, but I know the feelings of jumping into instant action, almost the feeling of having some kind of superpower, then the feeling of numbness, deflation, the adrenaline high dwindling away to the stark reality of the moment…the same feeling of how will I know how this person is doing?, to the feeling of “it's outta my hands now”….None are such great feelings….I know I'll never forget all of the people involved in my situation. Knowing you, you'll never forget your's either. It will make you more aware, more concerned for others, and more appreciative for all that you do have. I don't wish these experiences on anyone, but good does come from all experiences. Hold on to yours, no matter how painful, and grow from it. Always, remember! cd


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